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Storage Tips

We understand that you may be storing with us during a stressful and busy time such as when moving house and that when you get access to your unit it’s easy to just shove your stuff inside and lock it away. However if you take the time, care and attention to pack your unit properly you will fit more in the space, saving you time and money and better protecting the condition of your goods.

Quality boxes will last longer and be easier to handle (we can help here).

Make an inventory of what you have in your container and keep this at home.

Plan for your container so that items which need to be accessed on a more regular basis are easy to get to.

Fragile items should be wrapped in bubble wrap, or tissue paper (just ask us if you would like to purchase some).

Labelling boxes makes them easier to organize and items can be found without too much rummaging.

Putting the same size boxes together will allow you to maximise the amount of space you have.

Filling the boxes to capacity prevents boxes from bulging and potentially tipping.

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Heavy single items should be packed into smaller boxes to make lifting easier.

When storing dishwashers or fridges, clean them out before storing and drain down. It’s also helpful to store them with the doors left open.

If you are storing mattresses, cushions or sofas, don’t place heavy goods on top of them.

Put the heavier boxes at the bottom of your storage.

Clean down items such as garden furniture.

Use protective sheets where appropriate.

Use bubbling wrap to protect the legs of tables.

When stacking chairs, stack them seat to seat and use tissue paper or something similar to separate them.


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