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20ft Containers

160 sq ft self storage units in Cambridge


a (length) 20ft / 6.096 metres
b (height) 8.5ft / 2.59 metres
c (width) 8ft / 2.438 metres

Prices- clear and affordable storage to suit you.

Pay as you Store - 20 % off your first month's rent

self storage sizes and prices Cambridge

A 20ft container holds the contents of a 3-bed house / a 7.5 tonne lorry / 150 – 200 18” boxes. Ideal for storing the items such as household or office furniture, cars, motorbikes, carpet rolls, building materials and tools and garage and attic clutter.

Please click here to view our insurance policy.

  • Please note; you are required to provide proof of ID when you book your self storage with us. Proof of ID will require a copy of your valid driving license or passport.

Payment Information


We offer competitive contents insurance for added peace of mind through our policy with StoreProtect.

This is to cover your belongings and any damage to our equipment. We have varying levels of cover, depending on what works for you. If you already have cover in place, then all we need is proof of cover.

Some home contents insurance cover will only cover items within your registered address for varying/limited periods of time. For the cost of the insurance packages we can provide, please see our prices and packages below.

We make every effort to protect your goods while they are stored with us. However, there is always a possibility that loss or damage could occur and we want you to have complete peace of mind when storing with us.

‘For this reason, our contract requires your goods to be protected either by our enhanced liability under StoreProtect or via insurance you have arranged elsewhere at your own expense.

The Maximum Replacement Value you provide must be adequate to include all goods in store at all times. You are responsible for notifying us if the value you declare needs to change at any time.

If the figure you provide is not high enough, our liability shall be proportionately reduced.

This means that any claim you make against our liability under StoreProtect shall be reduced to reflect the proportion that your declared Maximum Replacement Value bears to the actual total replacement value of goods stored at the time.

For example: if the total replacement value of your property is £10,000, but you have declared a Maximum Replacement Value of £5,000, our liability will be reduced by 50%. So, if £3,000 worth of your property is lost or damaged, our liability would be £1,500.


We take a £30 deposit which is fully refundable once you vacate your unit. This is to cover against loss of the padlock and keys. 

Payment Terms

Storage hire is invoiced and payable monthly, in advance. The first month’s hire and one off key deposit is payable upfront at the beginning of the agreement plus any additional insurance packages. 

A deposit will be taken once the customer has booked and payment for the hire period will be taken on the date of ‘move in’.  

Payments re-occur automatically on the day the customer moves in. So for example, if you book to move in on the 10th January the payment will come out automatically on the 10th of every following month. The deposit will be taken immediately at booking and then the monthly payment will occur as explained.  

We use a third party to collect payments, called Stripe. This is to take the process easier for everyone. 

Late payment

Additional fees will be charged for late payments. A charge of £10 for every Stripe Direct Debit payment failure for each and every invoice. For unpaid invoices a fee of £10 will be charged every 7 days for outstanding payments. 


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